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With any 110 or 220 volt freezer, whether it be Chest or Cold Plate you need a source of electricity for your freezer. You can obtain this electricity through a few different methods. The first method is your local mobile street vending facility such as Berliner Specialty Distributors can offer you a parking place with either a 110 or 220 volt plug-in for your compressor. Another source of electricity is the Inverter.

The second method, the Inverter will change the low-voltage dc current into usable AC household current. Inverters are good for the job, they supply you with a continuous power quietly, and it means you can operate your freezer without the need of a generator. Don’t confuse a generator with a compressor; generators are loud, will make your truck vibrate, and they are expensive to purchase and operate on a daily basis.

The Inverter is taking its DC current from the battery, so while the Inverter is working and supplying you with the power you need it drains your battery, meaning you have to keep your engine running. The starting battery in your vehicle is not designed for repeated deep-discharge cycles where the battery is almost completely discharged and then re-charged, the starting battery will wear out very rapidly. Deep cycle batteries are designed for deep discharge service where they will be repeatedly discharged and recharged so make sure you use a good deep cycle battery. The alternator in your vehicle is what keeps charging the battery. The best way to run an Inverter is with a dual battery system. In short, a dual deep cycle battery system is the most appropriate set up.

A typical engine alternator may not be able to meet the requirements of your equipment, standard alternators with ratings of 90-105 amp only deliver a maximum of 60-80 amps in actual use as alternators output capability drops by as much as 25% when in use because they heat up. Two solutions are to install an alternator controller or to install a high-output alternator. You should consider a very heavy duty alternator, rated at 180-200 amps.


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