Freezer Storage

5101 Buchanan Street Hyattsville, MD 20781, 1.5 miles from the DC border. Close proximity to Rt. 495, Rt. 295 and I-95.

Our very experienced freezer team are all certified with no less than 15 year’s experience in freezer storage management.

We supply each customer with 24/7 access to their inventory status with all product movements. We have video camera surveillance for added security.

Mobile Vending

If you are working the truck as a full time job you need to be creative and make sure it's making money all hours of the day. There are many locations you can sell from, the first and probably the most profitable of them all are pre-arranged special events. We can teach you how to do this.

If you have a good construction route then stick to it and work the sites until 4:30 pm but if not, a good neighborhood route should start at around 2:30 pm when the kids are getting back from school, and run all day during the summer time.

As you become more experienced, you will find that different times of the selling season your schedule will have to be adjusted. An example is when the children are in school you may start your neighborhood route later in the day, but when they are out for summer vacation you will start your neighborhood route earlier in the day. Also when school is out, you may find yourself spending more times at swimming pools. Another example is when children are out for summer vacation you may want to work later into the night since there is no school the next day.

You must take the time to learn your territory and route to find our where your money is.

A clean shiny ice cream truck with a neatly dressed driver helps in promoting your business and getting repeat business. You could make some nice fliers and hand them out to the local daycares, retirement homes in the neighborhood, and use the truck as an advertisement tool. But always keep in mind that being patient, honest and enjoying the truck will always do the best job promoting you. Remember to smile.

Check your local paper weekly and look for the main events, and make sure to search the internet as well by doing a Google search. We can assist you with this.

A novelty ice cream truck means that you carry only prepackaged items. The ice cream will come from a distributor in your area. The two main brands in the business are Blue Bunny and Good Humor. The ice cream bars will come prepackaged in boxes of 12 or 24 pieces and you should carry two boxes of each of the popular item in the truck at all times. For this type of operation you will need to carry a privilege/peddler license that you can easily get from the Town Hall for a small annual fee. Licenses vary depending on jurisdictions. You will need no running water in the truck in order to obtain this license, which makes this type of operation the easiest, cleanest and least time consuming of then all.

Marcus Strong can be reached via e-mail at: marcus@berlinerfoods.com or call (301) 927-4444 ext. 221.