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A chest freezer is the most commonly used and also the most economical freezer for the job. However, chest freezers are not the best for keeping your product frozen during the hot humid weather. Dry ice may be required. Sears has been a good source for a four, five or six foot Chest Freezer.

Cold Plate Freezers are the most reliable freezer for your product and work the best in the hot weather. However, they are also the most expensive. These freezers have a stainless steel body and come with either a 110 volt or 220 volt compressor. The 110 volt compressor is efficient; however, the 220 volt is superior.

Cold Plate Freezers have plates inside the walls that will freeze over night, and will take the temperature down to about -20F when in good working order. When you unplug them they will keep the ice cream frozen with no need for electricity for around 8 hours, after that on a hot day your ice cream will start to melt. You will then have to plug the compressor in, or supplement the freezer with dry ice.

The Manufacturer is Nelson Freezer Equipment. You can contact them at
(BSD will also assist you in purchasing this freezer equipment.)

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