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There are a few options when it comes to your music.

The most popular box in the industry is made by Nichols Electronics. Check them out at www.nicholselectronics.net. Nichols Electronics has a large selection of music boxes and caters to the ice cream truck industry. You can reach Nichols Electronics at (952) 884-2212) or BSD will assist you in acquiring the music box.

Some selections consist of a 4-tune box, 8-tune box, 16-tune box, or 32-tune box.  Generally, you can purchase an adequate music box for your ice cream truck for about $200, which includes a speaker.

Another option to play music is to install a CD player connected to special outdoor weather proof speakers. The speakers can be shut off with an on/off switch.

If you would like to play music for yourself, it gives you the option to play your own CD's as in the construction sites the guys would rather listen to anything but kiddy tunes.

The CD player option can work great with another music box by it’s side.


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