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The most precious members of our society are the children and all measures must be taken in order to keep them safe.

There are a few safety features that can be added to the truck but mostly it is about being alert and teaching the kids how to behave around the truck. First, it is a good habit to stop the truck in a safe place, where visibility is good and where the kids can cross the street safely and make that space the spot where you stop each time. Don't let them wave you down, make them come and wait in the usual spot, choose a tree or a land mark where it is easy to wait for the truck, not only is it safer, but you will also save time by getting everybody together waiting in the same spot instead of many different stops.

When you stop, look across the street and check for cars, only then signal the kids to cross because they may run without looking. A flashing swing arm is a very valuable safety feature to use. The swinging arm is a very effective way to let all cars know to watch for the children.

After the kids get their ice cream they are even less alert, it is your job to make sure they cross safely to the other side, from the rear, and watch for cars. Before you move off again you must check that there are no kids at the front of the vehicle. There are special "fish eye" mirrors that we believe should be installed on every truck where you can see the front of the truck, so even the shortest kids will be visible.

We strongly recommend not carrying any children in the truck.

Check your mirrors at the back to make sure you have no one hanging on the back of the truck, and if they do try to, handle it wisely and not aggressively as they are only kids and that will usually encourage them to do it again.

Front and back flashing lights are a very good thing to have as they will show passing cars as well as costumers that a truck is nearby.

Try to never go in reverse while driving the truck. If you see a place that will require backing up just don't go there. A back up horn is another good safety device.

Please use your common sense and always remember that you are responsible for the life of your customers.


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